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YouTipIt is an online community service that enables you to directly reward people for content they have created. If you feel something deserves to be rewarded then you can tip it to the amount you feel comfortable with. Give what you feel the person deserves. Even if it is only five cents: the receiver will appreciate you for acknowledging their work and if enough people do the same, it will add up to something substantial. If it is something that really made your day, give a little more. If it's a 'rickroll' then ignore it and move on.

Our concept is essentially the same as that of the busker or street musician: they put their work in a public forum and the public then decides to reward them if they feel it is deserving. A tip is not a payment; it's an acknowledgement by you that the work done is genuinely worthwhile. If you tip someone, the receiver may reward you with some additional content or information. The value of the tip goes to the content creator directly except for a fixed fee of one cent/penny per tip which we need to support this service. Additionally, PayPal charges a small fee when you initially deposit money to your YouTipIt account. If you feel that we are doing a good job, feel free to tip us a little more so that we can continue to provide this service and work on new features over time.

YouTipit is not about making millionaires out of people: it about a fair reward for good work. We feel that everyone should acknowledge and embrace the reality that information now flows freely across the Internet. Musicians, Artists, writers and programmers now have a medium to spread their ideas all over the world regardless of their location or financial means. YouTipit is about trying to ensure that these people can continue to publish the material that makes the Internet so interesting.

If you are a content creator our site gives you an alternative source of income. Worst case you won't make any tips but as the service is free you have nothing to lose. You are of course free to earn money from any other means as we do not and never will claim any ownership over your work. Simply put a link to your junket wherever your material is located and continue to do what you do best: publish your material online and wait for the tips to arrive.

Even if you are not interested in giving tips you can still signup (for free of course) and have a look around. YouTipit is a community in every sense of the word: we need your participation and your feedback to make this work. Most of all we need to earn your trust so that you feel comfortable using the site and its services. If you like what we are trying to do, please help spread the word: the more members we have, the more interesting things become!