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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Youtipit Relaunch - THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO

Finally all the bits and pieces are falling into place and we are ready to launch our new design. Youtipit will be going into maintenance mode on Monday the 16th of May, sometime around 13:00 CET. We expect a downtime of around four hours, but if all goes well it should be done in an hour.

We had planned to launch last Friday, the 13th, but our astronomer advised us not to risk a bad karma.

Development has taken a lot longer than anticipated, mainly because we decided to rewrite the complete front end. In our current release we had some design issues which would have hurt us in the long run, so really there was no way around the change.

So what’s in store for you? Here are some of the highlights:
• Brand new design (yes, we are listening)
• Bye,bye Junkets: Hello Tipits
• Directory of Tipits now supports sorting
• Previous and Next navigation in Tipits
• Simpler login process (no more popups)
• Associate multiple account providers with your Youtipit account
• Option to use alternative profile images (use your Facebook or Twitter image)
• Escrow Tipits

What are Escrow Tipits?
Escrow tipits (and matching escrow accounts) are our hottest new (alpha) feature. Essentially we are enabling you to tip whoever you like – without the receiver having a Youtipit account! All you need to know is the link to the receivers’ facebook page and you can create a tipit and tip the person in three simple steps. You then notify the receiver and he can then come and claim his escrow account by signing in with his Facebook account.

Escrow accounts have a wiki-like character, meaning that Youtipit members can go and edit the tipits or even add more tipits to the escrow account. If an escrow tipit is not claimed within a year (time span can still be reduced) tips will be returned to sender.
This feature is still in alpha or lab stage, because we are a bit unsure of how popual it will be. We will be explaining more about escrow tipits in a forth coming blog post.

Note to Youtipit Google Members
Youtipit Google Members are, members who registered with us in the current version using Google as their account provider. As we are changing our login-system, we will require an additional action on your side to migrate your account. We will be sending an re-confirm-your account email to all existing Google members and ask you to go through a simple process to re-validate your Google credentials with us. (All other accounts won’t be needing this and will be able to login seamlessly)

Next Steps
Youtipit will still be in Beta for approximately two to four weeks. Then we will finally launch the full product. We still have a load of features up our sleave, which will be releasing step by step in the course of the year(s)..

.. and last but not least: Our Bitcoin stash has been added to.....,
so "Keep it humming"!

Happy Tipping!
The Youtipit Team


  1. Hi, awesome relaunch, but I keep on getting SSL errors when connecting via HTTPS..