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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Escrow Tipits – Tip any Facebook user using Youtipit

After our successful relaunch of the site, we are now actually going to show you where that Escrow Tipit feature can be found. We deliberately concealed this feature on purpose as we wanted to test it ourselves live before we let you guys loose on it.

Quick recap: An Escrow Tipit can be created if you wish to tip somebody, who does not have a Youtipit account yet. All you need is the Facebook homepage link of the person you would like to tip. (If this feature is successful, we will be adding Twitter support as well)

So here is how it works:
To create a new Escrow Tipit
  • Go to the normal create Tipit page and click on the last link “here” in the bottom of the description at the right of the page.
  • Enter the link to the Facebook page of the person for whom you would like to create a Tipit. (Note: This currently must be a person and not Facebook (fan) page).
  • Check to make sure the image returned is that of the person you want to tip.
  • Follow the dialogs to complete the process.
You will have tipped and created a Escrow Tipit and Escrow Account.
  • All members can tip this Tipit now
  • All members can edit and maintain the Tipit.
  • All members can add new Tipits to the Escrow Account. (To this just follow the above “Create Escrow Tipit” steps again.
How does the owner know of the Tipits existence?

He doesn’t. If you really want him to get your tip, then we depend on you to try and notify him or her.

So how can the owner claim it?

On the Escrow Tipit page, there is a Claim link. All the owner has to do, is click on the link and login with his matching Facebook account. He is then the owner of the account and his Tipits will turn into normal Tipits.

What happens if the owner doesn’t claim it?
If the owner doesn’t claim it all tips go back to the Tipster. We are currently thinking of a time span between 3 and 12 Months for this to happen.

Can I see it in action?

Here is an Escrow Tipit for Soma FM, the excellent online radio station based in San Francisco, California. (We've been listening to Soma FM a lot, mainly Space Station Soma and Groove Salad, while developing Youtipit.) With this Escrow Tipit, we hope to give something back.

As of the time of writing this post, the SomaFM Tipit is unclaimed. However once the owner of this Facebook account realizes he has some Bitcoins waiting for him on Youtipit, he/she can claim the Tipit (and its tips) using the simple claim process. Then its up to him/her to decide what to do with their Bitcoins.

We believe that the Escrow Tipits are a very powerful feature for us. On the other hand they could also be perceived like unsolicited Emails and that is the last thing we want and that is why we are a bit cautious on using them.

We will be watching how they are perceived and used in the next week and then decide if we will keep them or not. We'd love to hear from you. Give us your Feedback and thoughts please!

And Send Soma FM some tips. The've been around since the '90 and really deserve support (if you have been listening)


The Youtipit team.

PS: We are not 100% happy with the current "Escrow Tipit" name: Other names we are thinking about are:
  • Guerilla Tipit
  • Slip Tipit
  • Unclaimed Tipit
We are open to offers and suggestions :-)


  1. Is there a minimum balance I need?

    I'm getting an error stating that I don't have enough in my balance to do an Escrow tipit.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The bug has been resolved please try again and lets us know if you have any issues.