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Thursday, April 14, 2011

We've been too quiet...

...only because we've been too busy! Please excuse us for not posting more regularly, but there's been lots of activity behind the scenes at Youtipit.

Ok, where to begin? We now have a designer (that's me) to sort out the visual branding and to scrutinise the usability, and generally bring "design thinking" to the challenges ahead. We have a communications person (that's Annie) who will help us reach out, expand our community and make sure that everyone loves us.

And we have a new big boss man (Klaus) who will keep reminding us that, although we're like kids at Christmas with this project, it just might be nice one day to get a pay cheque.

Anyway, more on all that later. I'm here to say a few words about the soon-to-come new UI design. Our objective with the design is to create a friendly, simple-to-use interface that caters for users of varied web-skills. Also, we aim to keep a human touch to this platform. Youtipit is about the exchange of goodwill - people unnecessarily rewarding other people for their work.

So, here's a sneak preview of the home page. Although it's still evolving, it'll give you a sense of the next iteration. Of course, your feedback is always welcome!