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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Youtipit Spotlight: Plankhead

The cool guys from Plankhead are fundraising with to finance their latest production: Your Face is a Saxophone. You can now support the campaign using YouTipIt and/or Bitcoins.

Plankhead run a site which is all about creating and promoting public media. As they say “we make stuff, donate it to the world, and scream loudly about its existence”. Anything that they create can be viewed, downloaded and/or reused for fee. Their copyright notice sums it up very nicely: “Please copy with reckless abandon”.

Their current project is an animated series called “Your Face is a Saxophone" and they wish to produce six more episodes but they need funding. They have started a campaign asking fans to donate money: 9,000$ by March 25th, 2011.

They also run a funny blog with a load of ironic and sarcastic comments about the copyrighting, media or anything else that has tickled their fancy at the moment.

We acknowledge that their content is free and we understand how much work is involve to produce that kind of content. And to be able to continue, they need your support. Send them Bitcoins and help make this a showcase on how Bitcoin can help making the internet DRM-free. Like the campaign, if the goal amount isn’t reached, all Bitcoins will be refunded. Warning: Make sure you don’t tip anonymously, if you would like to be refunded.

So of you go tipping:

Plankheads Youtipit page:

My personal favorite is the sour kraut (Pun intended)

Follow them on Twitter

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