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Friday, February 4, 2011

YouTipIt @ Munich Global Ignite Week

We had the opportunity to present YouTipIt and Bitcoin at the Munich Global Ignite Event last night.

Using the Ignite format is quite challenging because it restricts you to 20 slides which are automatically forwarded every 15 seconds, resulting a total 5 minutes of speaking time. This results in a busy but entertaining session agenda.

There we're a lot of great sessions. My personal favourite was, which is a German crowd-sponsoring platform. @MySherpas: Come on guys, get that English version out! You now there is huge European market which would love to embrace your platform. (Side note: Kickstarter is not an option for non-us citizens, as you are required to have a US company and bank account to participate).

YouTipIt's core idea was warmly greeted by the audience. Some people made the obvious comparison with Flattr and I had to explain the areas in which our service is quite distinct to theirs. The YouTipIt App, with which you will be able tip street musicians, will be our shining knight in armour. Development will commence shortly.

The audiences reaction on Bitcoin was also very interesting. Hardly anyone had heard of Bitcoin before, and I only had four slides to float the idea. After initial scepticism, everybody had quickly grasped the concept, but not many were exited. Once I had explained why using "traditional" payment service providers aren't economically feasible for micro donations due to high ratio of transaction costs to the overall payment, many responded with an enlightened look.

I've posted the slides on slideshare: English German

The video of the session follows. Careful though, it contains very harsh german language (for non-german speakers that is) and the quality isn't too good. Big thanks to Marco from who ripped the video from the live stream. is all about building up a German Bitcoin community and we from YouTipIt will definietly be supporting it. Marco has already written quite an impressive amount of posts on his old blog which has now moved to the new location.
Marco was here in our office last week and interviewed us and the result is a neat feature Post about YouTipIt. Warning to the non-German speakers again: More harsh language out there.
Here's his post

Thanks again, to everyone. See you @ YouTipIt

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