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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Features & Tweeting Tips

We've added and improved some features of YouTipIt today. Here's a summary of the changes introduced.

Commenting on Tips
By popular demand we've added the possibility to comment on tips. We've even gone so far that anyone who is logged can comment on a comment.

Receive Email on Tip or Comment
If you want to you can now receive Emails, whenever you receive a tip or a comment on one of your Junkets. To use this feature, you will have to go to your Profile Settings and set the values accordingly.

Activity Overview
The personal home page now has an improved view of all the activities. Here you should now see what has been happening: Deposits, Withdrawals, Tips and in the next release personal Messages.

Junket Text
The Junket Text (or description) will finally respect your line breaks and turn them into paragraphs.

In the next days we will be adding the following features:
- Send Personal Message
- Making the tips amounts you have received public (option)
- Tweet Tips you have received

Tweeting Tips
We've come to realize that Twitter is a very powerful tool when it comes to getting the word out. So we have decided to add an option which will send a tweet every time a Junket is tipped.
The tweet will look something like
@kseudo tipped @aykarsi 5 BTC. Keep up the good work!
This will be an optional setting in the Junket. Users will also have the option of setting their Twitter user names in their profile.

That's all for today, keep the feedback coming.


  1. Any chance of / Statusnet integration? When Twitter goes down, it's dead. Statusnet is open source and distributed, so anyone can host a node and you'll never be left supporting an inactive service

  2. We are aware of that problem and don't like it one little bit. We are actualy looking for alternatives and will have a look into statusnet and others shortly.