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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mea Culpa: Misplaced Clicks Cause Outage

Unfortunately we had an unplanned outage last night: this was caused by some reckless clicks that inadvertently resulted in the deletion of our load balancer. Needless to say this made it impossible for anyone to access the site and caused some undue stress to our buskers and tipsters. Let me apologize for the incident and thank the members for bringing the issue to our attention. We will learn from this incident and our clicks will be better aimed from now on....

On a more positive note we have added a few features to help make junkets and YouTipIt members more easy to find. Firstly we have added a search box that will let you google the site for search items. Also we now own the "" domain and this can now be used when posting links to your profiles and junkets on the web (see the snippets section). We have also been improving our Internet Explorer compatibility (did we tell you how much we love this browser?) and removing those annoying security popups that were previously occurring.

We are working hard on getting next version of YouTipIt up and running. In the mean time keep the tips and comments flowing!

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