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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

User Feedback & Bitcoin Reserve

We would like take to this opportunity to thank everyone for the great feedback we got, since our launch last week. The overall tone was very positive and welcoming, even though we managed to sell our Bitcoin reserve a lot quicker than anticipated.

The biggest compliments we got were, the we are the "Flattr of Bitcoin" or the "Bitcoin Killer Application".


Bitcoin acceptance & availability

It was great to see how quickly Bitcoin users started sending in their coins. The selling of Bitcoins went even better. Admittedly we underestimated the demand, especially at that good price we were giving.

We should have stocked up again by Thursday though, unfortunately at a higher price. Probably 0,45 – 0,50 USD. The main reason for this is that prices have gone up significantly since we bought our initial stash. The other reason is that we want to give Non-Bitcoiners an easy way into the Bitcoin world. If we sell below market value, well, I can't blame anyone trying to make a quick buck like that. On the other hand we believe Bitcoins should be used by everybody, not only by people who can fix computers.

Feedback and Improvements

We got a load of mails with improvement suggestions (and also the odd bug report:-) ).

The following has already been implemented and is live:
- On your My Profile Page you can now see, who tipped what when.
- We now have monitoring in place which notify us instantaneously, should the Bitcoin Service go down again.
- When registering, emails may now contain a “+“
- Fixed a Bug in the Edit Junket, which cut of parameters of the URL
- All Junkets should now be crawled by google.
- Added feedback service

The feedback system can be used for suggesting ideas, problems or asking questions. I think it's very slick and also works anonymously. We are using Idea Informer which is completely free and definitely deserves a few tips, (if they had a Junket.)
Some of the ideas from the Feedback we’ve gotten have already been added. Make your additions as needed. You can view it here, or click on the “Leave Feedback” button when you’re browsing YouTipIt.

Thanks again for the great start and keep it coming!

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  1. Awesome, I'm really liking the Idea Informer site :)